[mod_python] Best place to start learning both mod_python and Python

Robert Lilly rclilly at cox.net
Sun Oct 26 11:30:45 EST 2003

I've been using mod_python to enable applications written by others to work
under Apache. I've decided to expand my programming skills and it looks like
Python is the best language to start with. I currently only know how to
program with Visual Basic 6, and VBA. My specialty has been custom financial
applications using MS Excel and VBA.

So, to someone who is new to both to mod_python and to the Python
programming language, and whose only background is Visual Basic, what are
your recommendations on how and where to get started. I am primarily
interested in developing web applications at the moment, which is why I've
included mod_python in my learning agenda.

Also, is using mod_python the only way to use Python under Apache? If not,
although this is a mod_python list, I would appreciate knowing what the
various options are.


Robert Lilly

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