[mod_python] Newbie problem running mod_python

Robert Lilly rclilly at cox.net
Sun Oct 26 11:19:09 EST 2003

> Sorry, I should have mentioned that.  mod_python.so is in the modules
> directory.  All the other modules are called *.so so I assumed that that
> is the Apache approach (its not standard but I think you can do that in
> Windows).
> >
> > I don't use windows these days, but shouldn't the mod_python module
> > for Win32
> > be a DLL rather than a SO?  You didn't mention if you checked in
> > C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/modules/ to see if the module
> > was there.
> > Check the directory and use the mod_python library you find.

mod_python.so is a dll, it's just named after the Apache convention. The
other response you got from Simon Willison letting you know that current
release version of mod_python does not yet work with Python 2.3 is the
relevant one. There are workarounds - 1) revert to using Python 2.2, or 2)
(courtesy of Gustavo Cordova Avila) using either a text or a binary editor,
open mod_python.so and replace all references to python22.dll with
python23.dll. I've been running with the latter solution for almost two
weeks now and haven't noticed any problems.


Robert Lilly

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