[mod_python] Win32 Binary of modpython 3.0.3 that has the Python 2.3 patch

Pankaj K Garg gargp at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 14 21:05:05 EST 2003

Browsing through some previous emails:

Andy Sy wrote:

> > modpython 3.0.3 works fine with Python 2.3, but to build it you
> > need to hack src/include/mod_python.h.  There's a FAQ entry with
> > the necessary patch.
> >
> > Maybe Grisha should release a 3.0.4 with just this one patch?
> >
> > -Barry
> I second the motion.  Does anyone have such a binary?
> At the very least widespread testing will help uncover
> Python 2.3 vis-a-vis modpython 3.x bugs under Windows.

I was wondering if someone created a modpython 3.0.4
Win32 install for Python 2.3?

We've been using mod_python 3.0.4 with Python 2.3 on
Linux for some time now with no problems. Recently
I've had to try out things on Win32. The good folks
at Redhat provide the Cygwin environment, that by
default now comes with Python 2.3...so, it will be
tremendously helpful if there was a Win32 installer
for mod_python 3.0.4 with Python 2.3


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