[mod_python] Prob. with Win32 mod_python 3.x and python 2.3.x and Apache2

HaRa (OderWat) hara at oderwat.de
Thu Oct 9 12:30:36 EST 2003

Hi there,

I make it short:

If I d/l  the current 3.1.0a or 3.0.3 as win32 executable and install it on my apache2/python2.3.2 system, I get errors because the
win32 mod_python in either version opens python22.dll !!! I verified this in mod_python.so (contains: python22.dll). You can even
look at the Apache Signature:

Apache/2.0.47 (Win32) mod_python/3.1.0a Python/2.2.3 PHP/4.3.3 Server

The 3.0.3 lets me choose if I want to install for 2.2 or 2.3 (if both are present). The 3.1.0a just asks to install for 2.3 ... bot
then open the python22.dll ..

Thank you for your Time!
Keep up the good work!

- Hans Raaf (Germany) / www.oderwat.de

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