[mod_python] Form-based authentication using mod_puthon / Apache

Joao S. O. Bueno gwidion at mpc.com.br
Mon Nov 24 10:13:31 EST 2003

Hi there.

I am actually implementing this in the very first mod python app I am 

You actually have to override the Auth Handler from apache with a 
Python Module. 

If you google for it, you will be offered a lot of ready-made session 
control stuff, as part of existing packages.

It is not, however, that hard to implement form scratch. Here is my 

  AddHandler python-program .py
 PythonHandler dummy
 PythonAuthenHandler verify

As you can see, the PythonAuthenHandler is "verify.py" which is 
called. (inside it, the authenhandler() function is called)

I them encode some session data (like originating IP + user password) 
to generate a MD5 hashed cookie I send to the browser to further 
authentication. In the server, I save a session ID file with  the 
session data, and regenerate the cookie at each page load (which goes 
thru the "AuthenHandler" again) and compare it with the browser-sent 

One thing I am still trying to find out is how to detect when the 
person navigate to another site  - in which case, the session should 
be terminated. I mean: I cannot allow that once in other site one can 
be back in the secure section by hitting "back".

As of the time, I plan to implement this thru a javascript that will 
destroy the cookie in a "unload()" event. But I would appreciate more 



On Saturday 22 November 2003 20:13, martin.clausen at privat.dk wrote:
> How do I do form-based authentication using mod_python / Apache. I
> would like to use Apaches authentication mechanism(as used in the
> mod_pyhton manual(release 3.0.3), but would like a form-based
> login/password solution instead of the pop-up - is that possible ?
> The only solution I have been able to find after a lot of googling
> and mailing list searches is to use javascript to prefix the login
> and password to the request from a form on a "cover" page, but
> besides from the inelegance inhenrent in this solution and the
> security risk in transmitting the password as part of the request,
> it would not prevent the pop-up from appearing if someone requested
> the login script directly.
> Any help is appreciated, also if the you have a solution for
> form-based authentication that does not use Apache.
> Regards,
> Martin
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