[mod_python] Sending a message to Apache children

Michael S. Fischer michael at dynamine.net
Mon Nov 10 15:11:46 EST 2003

Gregory Bond wrote:

> cs1spw at bath.ac.uk said:
>>Actually we do - every 5 minutes we check the timestamp to see if an
>>update has been made. We're trying to avoid making the call to the
>>filesystem to check the timestamp on every request. 
> Actually, my gut feeling is that a stat() on a file that is still in the cache 
> is not going to be noticeably more expensive than the gettimeofday() call you 
> need to do to decide whether five minutes are up.  So give it a whirl with the 
> stat() on every call and see what that does to your performance, you might be 
> surprised.

Poster is correct; if your machine's inode cache is too small, you can 
adjust it via sysctl kern.maxvnodes (BSD); Linux's inode cache is dynamic.


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