[mod_python] Access to apache namespace in PythonPath

Michael S. Fischer michael at dynamine.net
Mon Nov 10 14:00:27 EST 2003

Michael C. Neel wrote:

>>I'm concerned with ServerRoot, not DocumentRoot.  I don't store my 
>>mod_python code in the static file store.
> Now I am lost, wouldn't ServerRoot always be the same?  Apache only
> allows this directive once, so I'm missing the dynamic part.  Do you
> have each developer running his own apache on a different port, in a
> different directory?

Yes.  Each user has a subset of the Apache directory structure in his 
workspace, including a log directory, configuration directory, etc. -- 
not the binaries or libraries at this point, but just about everything 
else.  So, in this arrangement, ServerRoot is dynamic.


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