[mod_python] _really_ Basic concept question

mod_python at mikebell.org mod_python at mikebell.org
Tue May 13 09:39:22 EST 2003

On Tue, May 13, 2003 at 08:29:19AM -0700, rpinder wrote:
> So my feeble question involves whether or not theres a way to do 
> something like this with modpython, or is it impossible since each 
> instance of the python script gets called in its entirety each time a 
> request comes in from Apache.

Each seperate apache process has its own interpreter, so you might have 10
of them at once. So it's great for things like database connection pooling
(10 database connections is not much different from one, certainly a lot
better than creating a new one for each request) but it's not a single
globally consistant namespace. Unless you use apache2, a thread mpm,
and only one process. But that's not recommended. Maybe you could use
something like berkeley db to back your dictionary?

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