[mod_python] _really_ Basic concept question

rpinder rpinder at usc.edu
Tue May 13 08:29:19 EST 2003

Hi all,

I'm trying to plan the most efficient way to implement an apache 
project.  And I have a really basic question about how mod_python (or 
any apache 'mod 'kind of framework, probably) works.  I think i've read 
that a major advantage of mod_python is the fact you dont have to 
re'load the interpreter for each instance... but i'm wondering if this 
also equates to having a global, accessible, code space that python is 
operating in.... 

I'm following the examples in the documentation, and am using the 
'handler' example, and have a python script with functions defined that 
do the work  (there is a database connection happening with an Interbase 

What I"m trying to do is to have a dictionary created and available to 
all users - without having to re'create the dictionary for each apache 
visitor.  I have a reason to NOT want to accomplish this using a 
database table - even though the dictionary is quite large, and requires 
a lot of overhead each time it's created.

So my feeble question involves whether or not theres a way to do 
something like this with modpython, or is it impossible since each 
instance of the python script gets called in its entirety each time a 
request comes in from Apache.

Thanks for any thoughts


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