[mod_python] Directory or Location?

Roy S. Rapoport mod_python at ols.inorganic.org
Wed Jun 11 23:08:30 EST 2003

On Thu, Jun 12, 2003 at 01:50:36AM -0400, Timothy M. Brauch wrote:
> Okay, I just want to go over a small frustration I just had and spent a few
> hours trouble shooting.  In the tutorial,
> http://www.modpython.org/live/current/doc-html/inst-testing.html, to run the
> mptest script you must type:
> What is the difference between using "Location" and "Directory"?  When do I
> use each one?
> As I found out, there is a difference and if you use "Location" where you
> should use "Directory".  You get a 500 Internal Server Error that I never
> quite understood and spent some time trying to fix.  There doesn't seem to
> be anything in the documentation I've read to describe the difference

That's because you haven't read the right documentation :)

Sorry, I don't mean to be flip about this, but in the end, this shows
something of the problem in trying to use something like mod_python
without having a good understanding of the underlying application.
"<Directory>" and "<Location>" directives are Apache directives, and
they're well-documented in the Apache docs.  I don't feel like looking
at the mod_python docs, but either they say that you should look into
the Apache config file format to at least understand it somewhat or ...
well, they should.


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