[mod_python] Write your own appserver in mod_python!

Gre7g Luterman gre7g-k-modpython.e475ec at wolfhome.com
Mon Jun 9 00:13:02 EST 2003

> I take back my earlier comment about writing the killer solution.
> Maybe we shouldn't write the killer solution and label it as such.
> Maybe we should emphasize that mod_python is the basis for a million
> killer solutions! Maybe we should advertise that if you don't like
> what you see, you can write your own in a weekend! 

The more I think about "a killer app" the more disenchanted I am with 
the idea.

In my mind, Python's greatest strength is that every time I got to a 
point in my code where I said, "Now, if only I had a gizmo that did 
X", that's when I noticed that Python COMES WITH a gizmo that does X 
built in.

Also, while I have the floor, I want to say that I did look around at 
some of the frameworks when I started writing CGI's in Python and I 
found them... (pardon me while I grope for a word)... intimidating.  
I found myself saying "but all I want is a class that does X!".

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I did end up adding X, Y, and Z 
to my code, not just X, so it's very possible that some of the 
frameworks that I found scary because they did X, Y, and Z instead of 
just X would have been a perfect fit, but the fact remains that they 
were more intimidating and felt like they had more commitment 
required than just including one of the standard libs.  (Sorry for 
the run-on, it's late.)

Anyhow, my point is, that if we broke down the problem into small 
bite size pieces, and tossed out the classes as separate .py files, 
perhaps it wouldn't be nearly so bad.  Programmers wouldn't feel the 
dread of commitment to a framework.  They could just say, "I need a 
class to handle sessions."  Boom!  "I need a class that makes HTML 
from templates."  Pow!  "I want to handle my form inputs as class 
members."   Biff!  (Couldn't resist.)

These functions are really separate, so why should anyone have to 
take the whole cow if they just want a hamburger?

Perhaps we should take all these competing frameworks, split them 
into their classes, and make them all a-la-carte?  A session from 
here... a template from there...  That would let us program the way 
we like to (or at least how I like to) by taking just the stuff we 
want and leaving the other stuff behind.


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