[mod_python] Write your own appserver in mod_python!

Jonathan Gardner jgardner at jonathangardner.net
Sun Jun 8 22:46:54 EST 2003

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I had no idea that there were so many mature app servers in mod_python. I 
feel humbled.

I'll admit, I wrote my own, and I think it has a catchy name -- PyT. I'll be 
releasing it soon enough. This makes me one of the 500 others who have 
written their own appserver for mod_python. I don't mind that at all. 
Secretly, I wish mine will become the next JSP or PHP, but I won't hold my 
breath, because I know all of you do too.

The real strength of python is that anyone can write their own stuff without 
too much effort. And no matter what their design decisions, the language 
seems to get out of the way. It comfortably molds itself into the image you 
want it to mold into, without losing its integrity or comprising its 
features. It seems perl, with its infinite complexity, actually ended up 
being "there's only a few ways you can actually do it right", while Python, 
with it rigid yet simple syntax, has rendered into "everyone does it their 
own way, and guess what, it all works!"

I take back my earlier comment about writing the killer solution. Maybe we 
shouldn't write the killer solution and label it as such. Maybe we should 
emphasize that mod_python is the basis for a million killer solutions! 
Maybe we should advertise that if you don't like what you see, you can 
write your own in a weekend!

I think the mod_python community should be a community of diverse opinions 
and diverser projects. Topics like "What is the best way to handle a 
session?" will always yield at least five different answers. At least we 
will be able to cherry pick the one that works best for our situaton, and 
coding it up will be no problem. Let's encourage others to explore the app 
server solution space, and to share their creations with our community. And 
then at the end of the day, let's go back to the hawking of our wares in 
the bazaar.

So, in that regard, I do fear PSP becoming integrated into the mod_python 
project. I fear because it will give the wrong impression to the newbies. 
It will give them the impression that there is only one good app server out 
there, and PSP is it. This is incredibly false, and dangerously deceptive. 
I would hope that somewhere on the introduction page to mod_python, it says 
in big bold letters:

	PSP is an example of what *you* can do with mod_python. If you like it, use
	it. If anything is disagreeable, go check out these other projects. If
	nothing suits your tastes, *write* *your* *own* and share it with us!

So, here's a toast to the future of mod_python! Choice is king, diversity 
our strength, and community our spirit!

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Jonathan Gardner
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