[mod_python] supporting modular mod_python extensions vs. "folding" mod_psp

Michael C. Neel neel at mediapulse.com
Fri Jun 6 16:51:47 EST 2003

I'll take a moment in this thread to plug Albatross
(http://www.object-craft.com.au/projects/albatross/) as the "killer"
template system for python, or at least a strong contender.  It doesn't
look like PHP, it's far from any perl package; it solves the
template/state problem in a very python way.  Documentation is there,
but it's currently getting a rewrite for clarity (which most agree it
needs).  Docs aside, within a day I had it running with mod_python and
in 3 days extended the framework with a custom tag; and I was also
learning python at the same time.

If you are open to see there might be a better way to do things, you can
find python very helpful.  If you're looking to use the same "perl
logic" or PHP that you always have, python will go against the grain
with you.  It's really not that much different than C programmer moving
to C++; the syntax change is deceptively simple and hide the real


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