[mod_python] supporting modular mod_python extensions vs. "folding" mod_psp

Todd Grimason todd at slack.net
Fri Jun 6 13:56:09 EST 2003

Hello all,

* Rimon Barr <barr at cs.cornell.edu> [2003-06-06 12:19]:

> I wanted to post earlier, but I didn't find the time. I find this
> "folding" to be a little troubling. Why not fold Zope into mod_python?
> Why not Spyce? Why not Roadkill? Why not Draco? Why not Cheetah, or
> WebWare?

As a recent "I have seen the light" arrival to Python, I have to agree that this is becoming overwhelming - at least for someone wandering into the room and wanting to work with Python/mod_python-type applications.

Whether or not it's this frustration, or the ease of Python that results in so many people saying "ah heck, I'll write my own web framework" I can't say, but to this newcomer it starts to look like mature web development tools in Python are a mile-wide and an inch deep.

> I think that mod_python holds an esteemed position now that the project
> has decided to go with the Apache Foundation. It has added visibility
> and clout. Perhaps, we should consider and plan its development so as to
> attract a larger user base.

Very much agree - most arrivals at mod_python are likely perl/php/apache/jakarta users, and Apache status definitely holds clout and "brand recognition" - and likely not just with developers, also managers and similar types.

> Should it simply be a pure Python handler, or should it be extended with
> more functionality? There is a difference between mod_python
> compatability and mod_python inclusion. Should there be a modular
> extension and/or installation mechanism or should there be a "folding"
> for all willing projects? If mod_python picks one candidate, what will

This I'm too new and inexperienced to comment on. I can say it eternally frustrates me that almost every ISP in the world supports mod_php but near-zero mod_python. Hopefully this will improve (someday) with Apache2/MPM or something, but in the short-term this kills mod_(python|perl) community numbers compared to PHP, the quality of those communities being besides the point I think (debatable yes).

Looking forward to what transpires!


toddgrimason*todd at slack.net

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