[mod_python] supporting modular mod_python extensions vs. "folding" mod_psp

Rimon Barr barr at cs.cornell.edu
Fri Jun 6 12:13:57 EST 2003

>> You should post this in the mod_python dev list as well; currenty there
>> is discussion of mod_psp (python server pages) being folded into
>> mod_python
>It's not in discussion, this already has happened... :-)

Dear Grisha,

I wanted to post earlier, but I didn't find the time. I find this
"folding" to be a little troubling. Why not fold Zope into mod_python?
Why not Spyce? Why not Roadkill? Why not Draco? Why not Cheetah, or
There are many others at:

mod_psp is, I think, the newest of ALL of these projects. Most of the
alternatives above have reasonable user bases. So why has mod_psp been
folded into mod_python? Why not other, similar, projects? Is this an
internal Apache Foundation issue? If so, then I have already mentioned
that I am willing to contribute the Spyce codebase to the AF for
integration with mod_python. But, I'm not sure that's the right solution

I think that mod_python holds an esteemed position now that the project
has decided to go with the Apache Foundation. It has added visibility
and clout. Perhaps, we should consider and plan its development so as to
attract a larger user base.

Should it simply be a pure Python handler, or should it be extended with
more functionality? There is a difference between mod_python
compatability and mod_python inclusion. Should there be a modular
extension and/or installation mechanism or should there be a "folding"
for all willing projects? If mod_python picks one candidate, what will
it mod_python do to the other projects? Will some other projects begin
to fork mod_python as a result? Do we want a duplication of effort of
either the mod_python-type or the mod_psp-type code?

I humbly recommend that mod_python remain pure, and serve as a Python
handler. It does this job very well! I think that what mod_python needs
is the creation and documentation of a standard extension mechanism to
allow for psp/spyce/draco/roadkill/etc. type of extensions. They would
not be included with mod_python, but would involve a simple .rpm (or
whatever) installation. (That's where the standardization helps!) This
will allow projects like Spyce, which works well with FastCGI,
mod_python, CGI, via proxying and even with other webservers (Xitami) to
continue to perform efficiently within Apache and also to broaden the
user base with support for other web platforms.


All the best,

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