[mod_python] apache API and mod_python <-> protocol module integration

k d fitnah55 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 16 11:49:00 EST 2003

alright i'm just starting to look into this to see how feasable it is and 
what has to be done

if anyone has any comments on how the mod_python handler can be invoked 
through a protocol module such that the primary codebase of a particular 
application can be reused in multiple gateways, i'd appreciate it

basically what i'm looking at right now is a low level telnet protocol 
module that is reasonably transparent... that can be augmented to support 
full telnet, pop/3, imap, smtp, whatever... but that has sufficient design 
to invoke a mod_python handler, so that the pop/3 could be implemented in 
python, or whatever would be added on top.. (or potentially the pop/3 could 
be added directly to the protocol module)

the basic idea is that apache2 by default accepts http like connections, 
which aren't conducive to the synchronous communication of telnet..  
keep-alive is vaguely similar but not good enough for the purposes of 
allowing a telnet or pop/3 gateway

i've never looked at the apache2 api before so i'm just digging into that 

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