[mod_python] Re: [4suite] 4Suite Reliance on ENVIRONMENT & global variables

Mongryong Mongryong at sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 23 16:16:32 EST 2003

> Jeremy's answers on this thread may be a couple steps ahead of me, here, but
> take a look at Ft/Xml/src/StreamWriter.c. It is supposed to be the equivalent
> of Ft/Xml/Lib/StreamWriter.py.
> Is there an obvious endianness bug in the C version somewhere?
> Is the test around lines 279-294 producing unexpected results?
The c and py code look similar.  If there was an endianness bug,
wouldn't it just swap characters around?  Well, I can't see any
endianness problems.

I just find it strange that a shell or cgi script doesn't have this
problem.  And why are there no problems with PyExpat or when minidom is
used?  What is different?  If there are answers to these questions, I
think it would help.

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