[mod_python] Why unknown encoding: iso-8859-2 using mod_python ?

Mongryong Mongryong at sympatico.ca
Mon Feb 3 11:49:57 EST 2003

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 10:03, Mateusz Korniak wrote:
> shell interpreter is able use that encoding:
> >>> "Zażółć żółtą gęśl".decode("iso-8859-2").encode("utf-8")
> 'Za\xc5\xbc\xc3\xb3\xc5\x82\xc4\x87 \xc5\xbc\xc3\xb3\xc5\x82t\xc4\x85 
> g\xc4\x99\xc5\x9bl'
> while mod_python's interpreter refuses ...
> Any ideas why ?
Hmmm...coincidentally, there are encoding in issues with
mod_python/Apache and XML libraries such as 4Suite's.  Up to this point,
the problem is unresolved.  It appears the encoding library is not being
properly started by mod_python. 

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