Zope vs. mod_python!? It was "Re: [mod_python] mod_python & MySQLdb question: Done"

Damjan gdamjan at mail.net.mk
Fri Dec 19 17:48:27 EST 2003

> What I can say now is that learning python created a new challenge and a
> way to find faster and more transparent solutions. I also read that with
> mod_python you can actually use some Zope modules (Zpublisher for 
> example).

It would be great when mod_python could rould replace all the Zope
functionality, and I guess most of it can be done. Parts of Zope that
should be implemented in mod_python are:

- The Zpublisher ... well we already have the publisher in mod_python

- ZODB - I think the standalone ZODB can be easily used in mod_python,
  there might be some threading issues ... maybe.

- ZPT/DTML these also should useable in mod_python as they are ... and
  then there's also mod_python's native PSP.

- ACL's - ACL's are stored in the ZODB in Zope, and are checked by the
  Zpublisher ... we dont have this in mod_python

- WebDav - you can access your Zope objects through WebDav, ACL's
  checked again ... (also mod_python 3.1.2b conflicts somehow with
  apaches mod_dav)

- Zope's *acquisition* inheritance - this is one of the key features in
  Zope. The publisher should support this.

So it seems that an overhauled publisher for mod_python could provide
most, if not all the Zope functionality. 

Also it would be interesting to see if other storage than ZODB could be
implemented with the same features... Linux FS with ACLs and Extended
Attributes for ex. :)

just my $0.02

Damjan Georgievski
jabberID: damjan at bagra.net.mk

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