[mod_python] config tree for htaccess

Kevin Ballard kevin at sb.org
Wed Dec 17 19:00:47 EST 2003

Is there any way to get the config tree from any relevant .htaccess 
files as well as just the httpd.conf file, or do I have to look for and 
parse them manually? Also, is there any way to get the applicable 
config lines from the httpd.conf file, i.e. the ones inside 
<Directory>/<Files>/etc. blocks that apply to the current URI without 
having to parse them all manually?

I'm writing a script that mimics FancyIndexing and it's mostly done 
(i.e. it does just about everything except let you sort by headers, 
including scanning the AddIcon/AddIconByType/AddDescription lines in 
apache.config_tree(), and looks identical to the FancyIndexing in the 
rendered version (i.e. the source is cleaner, but the result is 
identical)), but it only uses the config directives in the root of 
httpd.conf (i.e. the root of apache.config_tree()) and I'd like to make 
it use all applicable directives.

Kevin Ballard
kevin at sb.org

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