[mod_python] config help

Jason Tesser JTesser at nbbc.edu
Fri Dec 12 09:28:49 EST 2003


>>I have the folowing script saved as test.py under htdocs.
>>from mod_python import apache
>>def handler(req):
>>	req.write("Hello World!")
>>	return apache.OK
>>I cannot get it to execute properly with mod_python.  Here the configuration from my apache config file.
> When you say, you cannot get it to execute, you should describe exactly 
> what you tried (the URL) and the response you got...

It just prints the script on the page.

>> <Directory /srv/www/htdocs/>
>>  AddHandler python-program .py
>>  PythonHandler test
>>  #PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
>>  PythonDebug On
>> </Directory>
>> I tried uncommenting the publisher handler which doesn't work at all for me.  What am I missing :-s
> Have you added the Python module (LoadModule etc) to the main apache 
> configuration?

Yes it is loaded.  

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