[mod_python] config help

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Fri Dec 12 17:20:17 EST 2003

Jason Tesser wrote:

>I have the folowing script saved as test.py under htdocs.
>from mod_python import apache
>def handler(req):
>	req.write("Hello World!")
>	return apache.OK
>I cannot get it to execute properly with mod_python.  Here the configuration from my apache config file.
When you say, you cannot get it to execute, you should describe exactly 
what you tried (the URL) and the response you got...

><Directory /srv/www/htdocs/>
>  AddHandler python-program .py
>  PythonHandler test
>  #PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
>  PythonDebug On
>I tried uncommenting the publisher handler which doesn't work at all for me.  What am I missing :-s
Have you added the Python module (LoadModule etc) to the main apache 


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