[mod_python] Handlers "good practice" question

Julian Ciccale jciccale at mac.com
Fri Dec 5 08:44:14 EST 2003

>but please bring me up to speed. I read the information on the web. Do I have to see pywork as a 
>replacement or add-on for all the Handlers of mod_python?

In this case its a mod_python handler, so it would be a replacement

>I mean, the default handlers are also a mechanism to go from web -> python code.

Yes all the default python handlers are a mechanism to gor from web to python code and are really fast.

>Also, based on the other responses, I definitely going to read the O'Reilly book about "Writing 
> Apache Modules in C and Perl"

I don't see why you should write modules in C and Perl to write a web application. ModPython offers
much more flexibility and power and ModPython *IS* an Apache C Module, your applications, IMHO should be written in a higher level language, and only if you really need very high performance, you could rewrite some of your application's modules in C.

To get to know mod_python I think you could begin to understand the Publisher handler and if you are more lazy then try PSP..

In any case if you will start a big project I strongly suggest you to use some MVC/templating library.

- julcicc -

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