[mod_python] apache doesn't start

Alberto Sanchez Albarracin aalbarracindev at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 1 18:48:04 EST 2003

Hi all, i want mod_python for apache1(windows), the download page says that
mod_python 2.7.9 works with http server 1.3 but the link led me to one page
where appeared one directory named "win" among another files and two
directories, i went into win directory and i found several directories, i
choose the 2.7.6 directory and appeared two files listed below:
python2.2-apache1.3.20.zip, python2.2-apache1.3.20.zip
I pressed on the python2.2-apache1.3.22.zip file which is the second one,
decompressed it, and i just found a dll file named mod_python.dll.
My question is: where should i copy this file so that apache starts without
errors. The error is: Cannot load mod_python.so into server, the specific
module could not be found...

Thanks in advance

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