[mod_python] Persistent db connections

VanL vlindberg at verio.net
Thu Aug 7 09:04:51 EST 2003


I am using quixote+mod_python as a front-end for a database app.  Based 
on the example in the faq, it looks like I could just make the 
connection in a separate module and mod_python would automatically make 
the database connections persist. 

For example,

if I have code that is run by mod_python

=== persistdb.py ==================
import psycopg as db
def connect():
    global connection
        conn = connection
        return conn
    except NameError:
        connection = db.connect(connection_string)
    return connection

=== application.py ==================
import persistdb
conn = persistdb.connect()
# Use conn here

 From the FAQ, it appears that the db connection "connection" would 
persist transparently.  Is this a correct understanding?
If that is true, would there be any benefit to using dbpool, as opposed 
to the code posted above?



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