[mod_python] Win mod_python.so not found by Apache

Neo Eureka neo at https.ru
Tue Oct 22 21:30:49 EST 2002

AP> From: "Cassiano, Marco" <mcassiano at manord.com>
>> I put the mod_python.so in the ServerRoot/module folder.
>> I put lib/mod_python folder in the c:/program files/Python22/lib folder

AP> shouldn't you put mod_python.dll instead of mod_python.so ?

  No, he should not.

AP> .so files are "shared object" under un*x and achieve the same functionnality
AP> as a .dll under windows.

  Apache 2 under Windows uses ".so" files for loadable modules instead
of ".dll". In fact, these files are DLLs inside, but they look like
Unix shared object files.

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