[mod_python] Apache 2.0.42

Piet van Oostrum piet at cs.uu.nl
Sat Oct 5 13:03:33 EST 2002

>>>>> Neo Eureka <neo at https.ru> (NE) writes:

NE> Hi !

NE>   It seems, BETA2 of mod_python 3 is not compatible with
NE> Apache-2.0.42. It builds successfully, but when apache is asked to
NE> test new configuration it complains about undefined symbol "openpty"
NE> while trying to load mod_python into the server.

Maybe this previous post will help:

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From: "Carl C." <cc at carlc.com>
Subject: Re: [mod_python] Compiling a DSO module for RedHat Linux on ALPHA
Guess, what... I FIXED IT...
I had to edit the mod_python's src/Makefile and change the
LIBS=-lm  /usr/src/Python-2.2-no-threads/libpython2.2.a
LIBS=-lm  /usr/src/Python-2.2-no-threads/libpython2.2.a -lutil
That -lutil was the magic!

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