[mod_python] Apache 1.3, mod_python, and threads

Antonio L Rodriguez antonio at memora.com
Wed Nov 13 07:40:54 EST 2002

I've built it wit threads on debian 3.0/Intel  (apache 1.3.26) no 

I'm not sure its advised however, though as you've probably seen in the 
docs. My approach has been that so long as I stay away from thread 
usage in the scripts I should be ok but I haven't verified this too 


On Wednesday, November 13, 2002, at 05:22 AM, Gary Benson wrote:

> I'm pretty sure that this is the case, but could someone confirm that
> it is _not_ possible to build mod_python-2.7.8 for Apache 1.3 against
> Python 2.2 unless Python is built without threads.  Also, assuming
> that is true, does anyone know why this is the case (apart from
> 'because python dies in apache startup' ;))
> Thanks in advance,
> Gary
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