[mod_python] 3.0.0 beta 4 - compile on Mac OS X

Nathan Robertson nathanr at nathanr.net
Tue Nov 12 22:50:13 EST 2002

Laurence Tratt wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 01:15:02PM +1100, Nathan Robertson wrote:
> [Apache and MacOS X]
>>make runs fine, make install breaks. Looked into it, and apxs doesn't
>>create src/.libs/mod_python.so, only mod_python.lai (and the .la symlink
>>to it). I tested this under Linux/PPC and Linux/i386 and both of them
>>create the .so fine.
>>Has anyone else tried a similar setup on Mac OS X? Any successes?
> Exactly the same thing happens under OpenBSD - I presume that part of our
> shared BSD heritage is causing us problems. Interestingly, mod_python works
> (well, builds) under FreeBSD; I have no idea about NetBSD though.

Yeah - I noted the FreeBSD note in the README, and did what it said, but 
that didn't make any difference.

Interesting that you got that on OpenBSD though. Plain wierd actually. 
Is that OpenBSD/i386 or on another platform (ppc?).

This could yet be an Apache bug in apxs, I guess. I haven't tried 
compiling any other modules against it.


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