[mod_python] Interest in sendfile from mod_python?

Conrad Steenberg conrad at hep.caltech.edu
Fri Nov 8 11:24:56 EST 2002


My mod_python application regularly needs to send data from files. This
could be either entire files or parts of files.

The Linux and FreeBSD (I think) sendfile calls make this very easy and
efficient in Apache itself, but there is no way to control this from
within mod_python as far as I can see.

My solution was to build a Python sendfile module (using code from the
Medusa server, under the Python license), and create a patch for
mod_python to get the request file-descriptor to pass to the sendfile

So the question is, is anybody else interested in this? Either for me to
contribute the mod_python patch and sendfile package, or for integration
of these two parts into mod_pyhton itself?

Just thought I'd ask :-)


Ps. and if using sendfile from mod_python was doable already please feel
free to tell me how ;-)

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