[mod_python] Manual ... Installation ... Confusion

Bjarke Sørensen bs at wasd.dk
Sun Mar 17 22:53:56 EST 2002

Maxim Volkov skrev:
> Is the following statement true :
> "Using mod_python you can configure httpd.conf for one and only one
> script with .py extension"?
> In manual case the file is mptest.py.

As I see it you can create Handlers in mod_python, which then serve your
.something files.

I agree  that the manual is a bit unclear.
But installing a 3rd party mod_python like maki made things clearer to me.

> Yes, I do understand how handlers work.


mod_python allows Python developers to write modules which plugs into the
Apache webserver, and have access to some of the internals.

> Yes, I paid extra attention to the manual's section 3.2.

I read that 4 times, I first understood after the maki mentioned above.

> Still no luck. Ether only mptest.py runs for all .py files or doesn't
> work at all.


> Or may be mod_python is not really right environment to learn how to
> use Python for the Web applications?

mod_snake offers Python embedded in html (à lá php).
(Sorry if that is inapropiate for this list.)

> Thank you in advance for any suggestions, links or book references.

maki: http://maki.sourceforge.net/
mod_snake: http://modsnake.sourceforge.net/

> Maxim Volkov

Any relations? (Sorry, couldn't resist ;)

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