[mod_python] Manual ... Installation ... Confusion

Maxim Volkov mvolkov at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 17 13:44:21 EST 2002

Hello everyone,

Sorry, installation question again.

Is the following statement true :
"Using mod_python you can configure httpd.conf for one and only one script
with .py extension"?
In manual case the file is mptest.py.

If above statement is NOT true can you please give me suggestion about how
httpd.conf or/and mod_python should be modified from mod_python's manual
version :

<Directory /some/directory/htdocs/test>
	AddHandler python-program .py
	PythonHandler mptest
	PythonDebug On

to something more practical?

Yes, I did read manual.
Yes, I do understand how handlers work.
Yes, I paid extra attention to the manual's section 3.2.
Still no luck. Ether only mptest.py runs for all .py files or doesn't work
at all.

My layout: Win2k, Apache 1.3, Python 2.2, mod_python 2.7.6. Mod_python
configured in accordance to the manual (Release 2.7.6).

Or may be mod_python is not really right environment to learn how to use
Python for the Web applications?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions, links or book references.

Maxim Volkov

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