[mod_python] **kw syntax

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Fri Jun 21 04:30:57 EST 2002

On 20 Jun 2002, sandor.kopanyi at mailbox.hu wrote:

> Define your function like this:
> def makechanges(request):
> The request object contains your fields, in request.form.list .
> You can process them in a loop:
> for f in request.form.list:
>     #f.name is the name of the field
>     #f.value holds the value of the field

I know that's the way to do it now.  However, I think the original
poster has a good point that it might be both intuitive and useful for
the publisher to pack any arguments that are not consumed by named
parameters into the keyword argument dictionary, if the function
accepts one.  I don't think this would be terribly hard to implement.


Every Python user scoffed at it once, saying significant whitespace is
the past.
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