[mod_python] **kw syntax

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Thu Jun 20 10:10:18 EST 2002

Hi Gary,

> I want the <form>'s POST method deliver the (keyword,value) pairs from
the form
> to a python-based handler. My problem is this: I can't get get the **kw
> syntax to work with mod_python. That is, if my form looks like this 


> ... and my python function is defined as follows ...
> def makechanges(request, **kw):
> ... makechanges() receives kw={} regardless of the status of the
> checkboxes. If instead my function is defined as ... 

Define your function like this:
def makechanges(request):

The request object contains your fields, in request.form.list .
You can process them in a loop:
for f in request.form.list:
    #f.name is the name of the field
    #f.value holds the value of the field

(See more in modpythion docs, chapter 4.4)


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