[mod_python] installing mod_python on windows

Hathaway, Scott L scott.l.hathaway at lmco.com
Wed Jun 5 09:00:33 EST 2002

Hello All,

I have installed mod_python for windows and I cannot start apache.  Can
someone tell me where I went wrong?
I am using: 

Windows 2000 Pro
Apache 2.0.35
Python 2.2.1
mod_python 2.7.6

Here are the appropriate sections of my conf file:
	LoadModule python_module modules/mod_python.dll
	AddModule mod_python.c

	<Directory "d:/Data/hathasl/apache/Apache2/htdocs/python">
		AddHandler python-program .py
		PythonHandler mptest
		PythonDebug on

I tried to follow the install instructions on the mod_python website.

If there is any other information that I need to supply, please let me know.

Thanks in advance...
Scott Hathaway

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