[mod_python] publisher bugs / "conflicts" with other handlers

Hugo van der Merwe s13361562 at bach.sun.ac.za
Tue Jun 4 19:17:01 EST 2002


After some help from the list (esp Dustin Mitchell, thanks), I've sorted
out a lot of what I want to do. One last problem I have is that it
appears a TransHandler has a larger job than I want it to have. I get
404's when my TransHandler simply returns apache.DECLINED. I just want
the *usual* stuff to happen. It is apparent that my TransHandler is
overriding something, that is otherwise executed. How do I still get it

This part of the publisher is what is returning HTTP_NOT_FOUND:

    # get the path PATH_INFO (everthing after script)
    if not _req.subprocess_env.has_key("PATH_INFO"):
        raise apache.SERVER_RETURN, apache.HTTP_NOT_FOUND

subprocess_env does not have the "PATH_INFO" key at this point if I use
my own TransHandler. (All this handler really does is returns
apache.DECLINED - i.e. it is trying it's best to do "nothing" - for
debugging purposes of course ;)

With a normal request - i.e. no TransHandler defined, subprocess_env

[Tue Jun  4 18:46:37 2002] [error] ['UNIQUE_ID', 'GATEWAY_INTERFACE',

subprocess_env when I have a TransHandler that simply returns

[Tue Jun  4 18:48:50 2002] [error] ['UNIQUE_ID', 'GATEWAY_INTERFACE',

It's missing PATH_INFO and PATH_TRANSLATED. I do not want to set these
up myself: I don't know how... don't know exactly what must happen to
these. Can't I get the "default apache TransHandler" to take over this
job in the case where I don't want to do it?

Why does the publisher not simply look at e.g. _req.uri or

Hugo van der Merwe

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