[mod_python] freebsd

Tom Emerson tree at basistech.com
Tue Jul 16 22:01:46 EST 2002

Edgar Castanedo writes:
> I have installed Python on FreeBSD from the ports collection. When I
> try and install mod_python (from the ports collection also), a
> message is returned which states that Python needs to be installed
> WITHOUT threads. I am not sure if this is okay since I write lots of
> Python script and don't know how this will affect Pythons
> performance. Can anyone shed some light on this for me as I do not
> want to disable threads if it means that my scripts will not work
> the way they used to.

Unless you are explicitly using threads in your existing Python
scripts, don't worry about. I would not expect the performance to
degrade too much, if at all.

On some systems (e.g., Linux) you can run mod_python with a threaded
Python interpreter without a hitch. Unfortunately if you want to use
mod_python on FreeBSD you'll need to rebuild your Python distribution.


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