[mod_python] please, old fool needs help with getting apache mod_python on windows 98 to run

Adrien Plisson rien at yeepa.org
Fri Jul 26 00:12:44 EST 2002

From: "james daily" <jdaily at kc.rr.com>
> the mod_python online manual at:
> says:
> if someone has it actually running on their windows 98 system,
> could you please send me the ***relevant*** portions from your
> apache httpd.conf file?
> i have tried numerous different approaches to no avail.

ok  i posted something about the windows portion of the doc in march of this
take a look at:
at the end of the post there is my correction to the manual, tested on
apache for NT.

now about having just the mptest.py text in your browser there was another
post in the mailing list... don't remember when, probably in april or june.
try to browse it.

> alas, i am a programmer but not (yet) an apache guru.

time will come...

> any help would be greatly appreciated.



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