[mod_python] Understanding mod_python

Fabian Fagerholm fabbe at paniq.net
Sun Jul 14 20:34:01 EST 2002

On Sun, 2002-07-14 at 18:55, Jeff Stearns wrote:
> Fabian -
> I'd like to review your drawings, but it's not easy for me to view 
> Postscript.  This is probably true for other folks as well.  If you can 
> offer them in another, more generic format, you may get a better 
> response.

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought Postscript was a good format for most people. I
suppose that's a un*x thing, though.

I made PDF versions of the files as well. They're all in

I hope more people can look at the drawings now. Thanks for the
feedback, Jeff!


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