[mod_python] Newbie question for mod_perl, Apache and ActivePython on Win32

Alan Kennedy modpython at xhaus.com
Sat Feb 23 11:06:52 EST 2002

> Should I not be using ActiveState Python?

Hmm, it shouldn't make much difference. Activestate still 
give you a standard command-line python interpreter, don't 
they? Namely, you can type "python.exe" on a command prompt 
and get an interactive python interpreter?

I haven't used ActivePython, so I can't give any definitive 
answers about it. But I would say that if you're concerned 
that ActivePython may be causing the problem, then you 
should switch to a standard python distribution, which you 
can get from www.python.org. I recommend version 2.1.2 or 

> I meant the Appendix in the following link that explains
> how to setup mod_python on a Windows box.

Hmm, I followed those same instructions, and it all worked 
fine for me. The versions I use are

Apache 1.3.23
Python 2.1.1
Mod Python 2.7.6

All on Windows 2000 SP2.

The location where you put the "LoadModule" command in your 
httpd.conf can be significant. Try placing the "LoadModule" 
command before *all* other LoadModule commands in the 
httpd.conf and see if that makes a difference.

Also, are you certain that you're placing the file 
mod_python.dll in the correct directory. It should be in 
the "modules" subdirectory of the Apache installation, i.e. 
in the same directory as files such 
as "mod_rewrite.so", "mod_speling.so", etc.

As a tip, I always rename the mod_python.dll to contain the 
version number, i.e. mod_python276.dll so I always know 
which DLL I am using. So my LoadModule command has to refer 
to "modules/mod_python276.dll".

> I was attempting to show the line in my httpd.conf 
> files that was causing Apache to not start.
> Commenting the line out allows Apache to start.

Is there any information in the server logs as to why it 
might be failing? Check the file <apacheinst>/logs/error.log

> Sorry about that....For now I just want to install
> and configure mod_python in my current environment if
> possible. I will want to install mod_perl later, but
> not for a while.

Now what would you want to go installing mod_perl for? All 
that "executable line noise" ;-)

I'm sure you'll find that Python will easily do all that 
you need.

Only kidding about the Perl thing. But it's definitely a 
good idea to get one working first before trying to get the 
other working.

Best of luck,


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