[mod_python] -DEAPI support in configure?

Donald Ball balld at webslingerZ.com
Tue Feb 19 17:16:29 EST 2002

i use mod_python as a DSO in an apache httpd + mod_ssl installation. i
understand that i can compile mod_python using EAPI by manually editing
src/Makefile and adding -DEAPI to the OPT variable after configuring
mod_python. is that correct?

seems to me, though, that there ought to be a way to pass that as a
configuration option to the configure script. then i can record my
configure options in a my_configure script like i do for all of my other
daemons and not have to worry about me, or whoever comes after me,
remembering to manually edit src/Makefile afterwards. is there a way to do
that? if not, could i request that feature? i regret that i have only a
user's familiarity with autoconf and cannot patch it myself. thanks.

- donald

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