[mod_python] python's directives in httpd.conf

Daniel Brieu brieu.daniel at wanadoo.fr
Sun Feb 17 11:12:25 EST 2002

Sorry, but I'm a french newbie and didn't managed to find an answer to my question in the mailing-list archive :

I managed to run mptest.py ("Hello World" of official doc) with Apache win32 but I don't manage to run the others python scripts :
When I run the other python scripts, my browser show me "hello world"...the same result than mptest.py !!

I think I must add or modify other apache python's directives. So 
- I woud like to get a good httpd.conf for Apache win32 and Python module which works.
- some information about the "standard" headers of python scripts running in Apache web server.
- Some examples of python scripts running in Apache web server.

thanks a lot !
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