[mod_python] mod_python 3.0.1: error after make install

Cameron S. Watters cameron at toolhouse.com
Wed Dec 18 14:28:52 EST 2002

Since I posted almost EXACTLY the same comment as the quoted one on 
December 4th, I thought I'd reply.

My understanding is that this shouldn't be necessary, but is, in fact, 
an issue with the version of libtool supplied with apache.

I was able to fix my problem by building apache from source by running:

tar -xzvf apache-tarball.tgz
cd apache-src-dir/
./configure --a mass of configure options
make install

you probably want to make sure you have a newish libtool installed 
BEFORE you do the above.

this made it stop freaking out because it couldn't find a 
libpython2.2.so. It is also my understanding that building libpython2.2 
doesn't actually do anything other than fool
the install portion of the build into continuing with the process and 
not erroring out.

I mention this mostly because this may NOT, in fact, be the most 
correct solution to this problem.


> i solved my problem, maybe you've got the same so check this:
> try
> # locate libpython2.2.so
> if nothing comes up you don't have the python shared library, which is 
> needed by mod python.
> i used the following commands to build it from source and install it:
> cd Python-2.2.2/
> make distclean
> ./configure
> make OPT="-fpic -O2"
> mkdir .extract
> (cd .extract; ar xv ../libpython2.2.a)
> gcc -shared -o libpython2.2.so .extract/*.o
> rm -rf .extract
> make install
> or you may install the separate debian package for this file
> have fun!
> baz.
> Zoper wrote:
>> Hi All!
>> After making my mod_python I try to make install but...
>> ...............CUT....................
>> Performing DSO installation.
>> /usr/bin/install -c src/mod_python.so /usr/local/apache2/modules
>> /usr/bin/install: src/mod_python.so: No such file or directory
>> make[1]: *** [install_dso] Error 1
>> make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/mod_python-3.0.1'
>> make: *** [install] Error 2
>> ..........................................
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