[mod_python]Re: R: [mod_python] Problems with mptest.py (Windows)

Jirka Machotka jirka.machotka at seznam.cz
Fri Dec 6 15:55:45 EST 2002


no comprendo italiano. 

The transaltion I got by AltaVista Babelfish:
and approximately the problem that it gave you? 

The problem is that I don't know what to do. It is obvious that there
is a problem to connect Apache with Python interpret or vice versa.
The question is whether the interpret is called at all (I guess it
is). If so, it seems it is not able to see imported objects enabling
passing the data from/to the Apache. In the manual there is no hint
how to proceed in this case even though I'm sure that everyone has to
go through this problem anyhow.

Dne 5. prosinec 2002, Manera, Villiam, <vmanera at manord.com> napsal:

> e circa il problema che dava a te?
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