[mod_python] Re: It all started with that -DEAPI error

David Higgs drh9296 at ritvax.rit.edu
Sat Aug 31 16:18:53 EST 2002

I run an OpenBSD install here.  Never had any luck w/ the static 
install, but the DSO works fine with a bit of work.

1. You can install just python 2.2.
Change to the 2.2 directory before you 'make; make install'.  You can 
pkg_delete the 2.1 if you like.

2. I never made mod_python work with thread support compiled.  There is 
no 'no_threads' flavor on the ports tree that I can determine.  Download 
the python 2.2 source and manually compile it without threads and 
install to a separate location.  I used /usr/www_python/ as an install 

3. Change the OPT as shown in the other response to get rid of the DEAPI 
error.  No biggie.

4. Make sure your PATH is setup correctly so when you compile 
mod_python, it finds the non-threaded python binaries first.  See 
for details.

5. Make a DSO.  I tried for several days to get static working, without 
any luck at a stable httpd.  At some point I should probably provide the 
mailing list with the symptoms, so it can be resolved.

As for your error, check your default httpd log.  Even since apache 
couldn't start up, it will have more details on what went wrong.


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