[mod_python] It all started with that -DEAPI error...

WOOD MATTHEW DAVID woodm at Colorado.EDU
Thu Aug 29 13:51:37 EST 2002

Hello everyone.  I would love to say that I'm not a newbie to mod_python,
but I've never successfully installed it.

My latest attempt is on an OpenBSD-3.1 box.

this server has both python2.1 and python2.2 on it.  (I didn't
particularly want python2.1, but the OpenBSD ports tree decided that I
would get both python versions.  :-) )

Regardless, I uncompressed the mod_python tarball, and went to work,
eventually recieving the standard -DEAPI error:

   > sudo apachectl start
   [Thu Aug 29 13:20:35 2002] [warn] Loaded DSO
   /usr/lib/apache/modules/mod_python.so uses plain Apache 1.3 API, this
   module might crash under EAPI! (please recompile it with -DEAPI)
   /usr/sbin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started

At first, I thought it was the -DEAPI problem that was preventing me from
starting the httpd altogether, but after searching around on the
mod_python webpage, I (think I) fixed that error.  Now, I just can't start
the httpd deamon:

    > sudo apachectl start
    /usr/sbin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started

I can start the deamon when I comment out the "LoadModule
python_module..." line, but that's clearly not the goal.

I'm hoping that I'm not reporting something stupid (other than me), but I
just can't get this to work.  I've asked several of my "better at UNIX
than I am" friends, and they have no ideas either.

What do you guys suggest?

Oh, and by the way, my system is using the standard apache1.3 that comes
"out of the box" with OpenBSD-3.1 .

Again, thanks for any time that you may have to spare.

Matthew D. Wood

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