[mod_python] Promoting Python as web application developmentlanguage

vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Wed Aug 28 01:47:38 EST 2002

* Tom Emerson <tree at basistech.com> [020828 00:45]:
> Michael C. Neel writes:
> > The other thing I'd like to say is that python.apache.org should
> > just be mod_python.  It servers the same purpose as mod_perl, to
> > allow apache development in python.
> Look though at http://tcl.apache.org/, which includes pointers to
> several projects for integrating Tcl into Apache. I don't see why
> mod_snake shouldn't be included with mod_python. Developers would be
> coming to python.apache.org to find out how to interface to Apache
> with Python...

I'm a total ignorant about mod_snake, but in principle, promoting two siamese
twins accomplishing pretty much the same tricks implies a good waste of 
developer cycles (and other less valuable resources). Additionally, I wonder
about the efforts required to merge the two code bases (provided such might be
a goal). It is not unheard of that the result of such merges comes out 
over budget, over schedule, more instable and less performant than either of 
its (incestuous?) parents. In this light, I personally would question 
the logic of such a move, as opposed to simply
consolidating all efforts on the one we determined is the 'Best of Breed'.
By the same token, why is there no 'mod_camel' alongsite 'mod_perl' ?
Just a thought.

> > Catering the section to template modules, application servers, or
> > others projects just dilutes what a developer is looking for.
> ... but the next question many will ask is, "so now what? Where are
> the template packages?"
> > I do think a "sister sites" link area is a good idea, as well as
> > some kind of mod_python CPAN.
> Indeed!

This makes a lot of sense.
So the 'functional' hierarchy Greg Stein is promoting for the apache site
might look something like:

HTTP Server > modules > sister sites 

Looks to me much more consistent that what we have now, 
... while making (most) everyone happy :)


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