[mod_python] Promoting Python as web application development language

Fabian Fagerholm fabbe at paniq.net
Mon Aug 26 13:04:03 EST 2002

On Mon, 2002-08-26 at 13:03, Jørgen Frøjk Kjærsgaard {Metation} wrote:
> > Is Jorgen a member of the ASF?
> I'm not. I'm a long-time mod_python user with an opinion about this issue. I 
> followed the process of moving mod_dtcl to apache.org from the sideline as I 
> was a contributor to that module at the time. My intension now is to try to 
> ensure that a move of mod_python to apache.org succeeds.


> In my opinion the message to ASF was sent way too early in the discussion. I 
> think somebody - preferably Grisha, if he'd had the time for it - should 
> contact other groups who have moved to apache.org and learn from their 
> experience.

I think everyone who has followed this thread knows my take on the
message to ASF so no more on that from me.

I would also be happy to see Grisha push this issue, but in
he explains that he doesn't have time for this effort at the moment,
which I think should be respected. Therefore, as the initiator of this
thread, I feel compelled to do this instead.

I have made some progress but I urge you all to be patient. There really
isn't much use of everyone sending random mails all over the place. I'm
going to be in touch with several groups and individuals and as you
know, it takes a few days to get replies.

Rest assured that I'll post when there's something to tell.

> A good candidate to contact is David Welton of the mod_dtcl 
> project. He can be contacted at davidw at apache.org. Davis Welton is also a 
> Python user, though I don't think he uses it for web.

Now this is the type of information I'm after. Many thanks for this
pointer - I shall contact David and ask for his views and advice.


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