[mod_python] Promoting Python as web application development language

Fabian Fagerholm fabbe at paniq.net
Mon Aug 26 09:59:33 EST 2002

On Mon, 2002-08-26 at 04:32, vio wrote:
> Well, sorry about this. But listen, Fabian, just accept that other people have
> different views on this than your own, and different ways of doing things.

I certainly do. As long as their actions don't impede on mine, everyone
is free to do as they please.
> Additionally, I do have serious problems with all this 'privacy' in your 
> procedure. I think this is a public issue where everybody is concerned, and 
> all communications on this topic should be in a 'public' forum, not private
> emails. You'll notice that I took great care in CC-ing everything I received
> on this to this public list, with the exception of couple of mails from you
> and Rimon.

This is not a public issue. It's an issue for interested parties - which
is why I have been prepared to spend my own and others' bandwidth and
time to solicit opinions and volunteers from the appropriate forums.

> I consider my somewhat direct message to the ASF and related messages have been
> successful: they established what the criteria for a 'python.apache.org'
> are (check out Jorgen's replies). Additional messages on this topic 
> established that the way to a 'python.apache.org == mod_python' is a rather 
> clear and straight path.

Is Jorgen a member of the ASF?

www.apache.org is the property of the ASF, and as such the ultimate
decision of what python.apache.org should be (and whether it should be
at all) is theirs. All we can do is come with proposals.

I'm trying to work on something that extends to a broader area.
python.apache.org is admittedly an important part of this, but it is
still only a part.

> The main issue now seems to be whether the 'python.apache.org' brand should be
> only used for apache 'modules' (like mod_perl and mod_python) - which is what
> I am promoting, or a more general link to all kind of packages more or less 
> related to apache and python. This is what Rimon promotes. 

This is certainly a valid question, but I'm afraid it's not a decision
to be made by us at this forum. Also, these are not the only options.

> This is wrong: apache is one of the core successes of the open source model,
> it should be handled with extreme care and foresight.

Care and foresight have certainly been key words in your handling of
this issue.

> I have nothing to promote on the apache site and nothing to gain
> from seeing 'mod_python == python.apache.org'. It's just the right thing to do.

Well, this discussion has been going on for long enough and I thank
Grisha for letting it happen on this mailing list. What follows now is
work, work, work, and hopefully there will be something to announce in
the coming weeks.

Vio, could you please let us know if the ASF board has replied?


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