[mod_python] Promoting Python as web application development language

Fabian Fagerholm fabbe at paniq.net
Sun Aug 25 21:31:46 EST 2002

On Sat, 2002-08-24 at 17:15, vio wrote:
> Well, Fabian, I hope this would be of some help for your PR efforts, so best
> of luck and hopefully you'll keep us in touch of your progress on the 
> mod_python list. I guess it's your call from now on.

Actually, no.

You decided to pursue a different course of action than I - a direct
mailing to the Apache Software Foundation Board - at this point. I
clearly stated that I wanted some discussion on this topic first. There
has been some discussion and some valuable points have been raised, but
I was not yet ready to proceed to the next stage.

Therefore, I regard your actions as your own, and you must take
responsibility for them. I hope you will relay any response from the ASF
Board to this mailing list. I also hope you come up with a good way of
redirecting any future correspondence to me or this list if you do not
wish to take over this effort.

I suggest the next time you have an urge to spill your beans, do it in
your own house where there are people to help you clean up your mess.

This effort will now have to be put on hold until we know whether or not
the ASF Board is going to respond to Mr. Vio's message.

Meanwhile, there are things to do. Interested parties please send me
private e-mail.


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